At RedEmprendia, we have set ten goals focused on the innovation culture

Knowledge transfer


At RedEmprendia, we set goals committing us to economic growth, respect for and protection of the environment, and improved quality of life of communities.
Our purpose is to promote responsible innovation and entrepreneurship through our network of some of the leading universities in Ibero-America.

Our clear commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship has served as motivation to set a list of ten goals focusing on the innovation culture.

Our targets


To take our commitment to innovative and entrepreneurial universities to Ibero-American countries and their universities.

To help to create and strengthen the Ibero-American Knowledge Space.

To create a business quality seal linked to university spin-offs (start-up, acceleration and internationalisation of companies originating in universities).

To enhance the results of knowledge transfer and technological development, innovation and entrepreneurship of Ibero-American universities.

To promote women’s involvement in entrepreneurship, both businesswomen and young women.

To expand the business fabric on the basis of knowledge and technological development, and to promote the creation of highly qualified jobs and the commitment to responsible economic development.

To reinforce the role of the universities in our network as leaders in entrepreneurship.

To be an international benchmark in knowledge transfer, technological development and the creation of university spin-offs.

To help to create local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

To help to train, attract and gain the loyalty of talented resources.